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Crew Files LCARS

Complete Crew Complement

Trekyards is able to maintain the quality the show in part due to the volunteers who donate time and talents. While these crew members are only seen on camera occasionally, they are felt in every video. Feel free to take a moment to meet our volunteer crew.

TOS Connie!
Trekyards is pleased to have partnered with our friends at Eaglemoss. We endorse and use these high quality models ourselves.

Technical Consultant — Steven Foley

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Steven Foley is self-employed as a Registered Massage Therapist and a Martial Arts Instructor. He is also an avid science-fiction fan. He enjoys all of the major franchises. His love for Star Trek started with The Original Series and has carried on through all of the Star Trek incarnations, although the Original Series remains the favorite.
Steve became an enthusiast player of Star Fleet Battles by Task Force Games. This role-playing starship battle game is based on the Star Trek universe, specifically on the time period of the Original Series. He is well versed on the various ship designs, weapons, special functions and capabilities of the ships from the game and TOS time period.
In addition to his Star Fleet Battles reference material, Steve also has many other books and reference material on Star Trek.
Although family life and running two businesses takes up a lot of his time, Steve continues to enjoy Star Trek and other science-fiction. He still finds time to play Star Trek Online, since Star Fleet Battles takes a rather long time to play out a game.

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Shipwide Diagonistics

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