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  • Doug Drexler

    Doug Drexler

    A noted Star Trek veteran, with almost 20 years invested in the franchise.

    Deep Space 9,Voyager,Enterprise,Independent Projects, The Next Generation
  • Rick Sternbach

    Rick Sternbach

    Rick is a long standing Star a Trek alumni having provided many works of art & props.

    Deep Space 9,Voyager,The Movies, The Next Generation
  • Andrew Probert

    Andrew Probert

    A heavy hitter in the sci-fi world having done designs for The Original Battlestar Galactica, Back to the Future and many more.

    The Movies, The Next Generation
  • Tobias Richter

    Tobias Richter

    A CG Artist with a deep love for SciFi and Star Trek in general.

    Independent Projects,Internet Projects, The Next Generation
  • Josh Spencer

    Josh Spencer

    Josh’s Star Trek experience stems from his involvement with Star Fleet Battles from 1982-1984.

    Independent Projects
  • Steve Neill

    Steve Neill

    A visual effects artist and have produced makeup effects and creature effects for film and television.

    Independent Projects,The Movies
  • John Eaves

    John Eaves

    A designer and illustrator best known for his work on the Star Trek franchise.

    Enterprise,The Movies,Deep Space 9
  • Rob Bonchune

    Rob Bonchune

    You may not recognize the face but you certainly have seen the work. Meet one of the master model makers behind Star Trek: Rob Bonchune.

    Deep Space 9,Voyager,Enterprise,The Movies
  • Alec Peters

    Alec Peters

    The executive producer, writer and actor starring in Ares Studios “Prelude to Axanar”

    Independent Projects
  • Scott Nakada

    Scott Nakada

    While you may not recognize the face, you have enjoyed the work! Scott creates props, costumes,and even storyboards.

    Independent Projects,Enterprise,Internet Projects
  • Eric Henry

    Eric Henry

    Eric joined us with some of the most beautiful renders we have ever seen. Introducing Pacific 201!

    Independent Projects,Internet Projects
  • The Irish Trekkie

    The Irish Trekkie

    The Irish Trekkie has an excellent YouTube channel and we had a great time when he dropped by for a visit.

    Internet Projects
  • Adrianne Wilkinson

    Adrianne Wilkinson

    Adrianne Wilkinson has done everything from Xena: Warrior Princess, to Star Wars, & Star Trek.

    Independent Projects
  • Robert Kline

    Robert Kline

    Legendary talent, Bob Kline is best known in the Star Trek universe for his work on The Animated Series. We are truly impressed with his contributions to the Trek Universe.

    The Animated Series,Independent Projects
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